Kids' Club Phnom Penh


Small daycare facility for children of all social classes in the capital of Cambodia
















Children take over their environment

Children are our future. In them we see our past and potential future. Every single laughter of these wonderwalls is a guidepost for us. YEEEAAAH!

Women of Cambodia:

They are the anchor of all like in any other society. Along some experiences we want to introduce their lives and living situations.

True to scale models of Cambodian wood construction:


Dil Se creates true to scale models of traditional houses and tries to preserve precious cultural possessions.

Kily Heng and his life in the pagoda ghetto:

Backers of DIL SE help a family to literally have a roof above their heads.

Construction of a school for the minority village ‚Krêng’ in Rattanakiri

Assistance at the construction of a school in the highlands of Cambodia



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