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The woman                                         DIL SE so far                                    Children

Kids' Club PPRattanakiriOverviewPagoda ghettoWooden House




Initially Sopheap, the project leader of the school project, wanted to found an organisation with us. However, we lost him due to the fact that life in the capital was no option for him. His home contry Rattanakiri remained his favourite place. A school sponsorship could finally enable his dream: a school for the children in his birth province.

In Phnom Penh we helped him with planning, calculations and layout for his school. That was also the time when the idea of true to scale models was born.

The idea of "Cambodian HIglander School" came into life.

The village is about 30km north of the province capital Ban Lung and is part of the indigenous poeple called "Krêng". Belonging to the group of Khmer Leu which consists mostly of hunter-gatherers it has an own language but no writing.

With the progress of civilisation contact and interest in the other world increased inevitably. Unfortunately along this convergency a lot of precious old knowledge got lost since it was replaced by the new in the first place.

Sopheap tries to find a happy medium with his school and attempts to teach integratingly and not superseding.

In the phase of the erection of the base scaffolding we were there side by side for three weeks. Meanwhile Sophorn took care of people and stayed in touch with the villagers:

Healing work and People

In these three weeks we were given a wonderful time at a new place in a partly perfect new culture. Yet such a friendliness, everlasting cordiality and joy we were encountered day after is going to stay vivid in our memories forever - as will be our 45min moped drive every morning and evening. It turned out to be one of our most beautiful gifts since it led us through djungle and beautiful landscapes. Thank you! :)