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Understanding is the way out of the Spiral – a school for Kum Roha

The Kum (union of villages) Roha still lacks a school from 7th to 9th grade. The Me Kum (principal of all the villages) has asked us to help in this matter since it is not foreseeable when this realization would take place.

The new school should come into existence near to our Meditation center. We have agreed to help the community with this implementation as good as possible. So far, we have taken the school area into our planning area and will try to put the school into practice in the same principle as the Meditation center.  

The villages own schools from grade 1 – 6. Strolling along one day we decided to visit these schools and had the chance to have a good talk with the teaching staff. As a general rule a teacher draws a salary of 240$ - 360$ once (!) a year. Often these pay-offs are delayed or the amount is even less. So teachers have to rely on additional income. Maybe it is better comprehensible why pupils have to give money to their teachers. With just one or two dollars more a day teachers is able to pull through for their living. In the conversation with the headmistress she stated: …“if we don’t teach them, noone teaches them and somebody has to teach our children. We do it willingly for our children are our future.“  

With the DIL SE - Meditation Center we want to enable prospective income for educational needs in the villages community. Aside from financial support for the teachers there will be also trainings to improve the teaching quality. Since some school buildings are not suitable anymore or need to be renovated financial resources should be maintained for this specific case also.   




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