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Your Heart


Your heart differs in no way the heart out of which DIL SE has come to life and takes effect. It is important to us that your heart participates in everything. The greater the sympathy gets the louder the voice arouses in our hearts. This voice is no voice that speaks of right and wrong. This heart recognizes the beauty of our world and it has realized that fighting causes only more sorrow and therefore transforms all different streams within itself.

It is important for us to convey a truthful survey of our work and our working environment to you. What we want to win over is nothing more but your sympathy and no commiseration. To underline the positive implies its natural increase.

Apart from your intimate care and interest of our work we are happy for any kind of support through active cowork or financial help.

Assistance and cowork:

If you want to join our work personally, we are very pleased to welcome you in our team. In the fields of medicine, alternative energy supply and/or craftmanship we always need backing as much as possible. Moreover, we are very thankful for any support in the scope of cultural researches. Simply talk with us.


Email to DIL SE


Financial Support for the Meditation Center:

For the erection of the Meditation Center that is going to be the power engine for the villages' union and income source for humanitarian actions we need any backing available. Therefore we have created two possibilities to help. You can either support us with a donation or you can do you good and book a timeout in the Meditation Center already today.


Financial Support of the school Roveang:

With your donation you help to realize the construction of the village school in parallel time to the development of the platform DIL SE.


Financial Support for the preservation of the Wooden Pagoda:

With your donation you contribute to preserve ancient art and to softly antagonize the tendency to deprecative it.


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