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Meditation Center DIL SE:


The Meditation Center is the core in our work of DIL SE. It is to be for any coming undertaking the wheel and initiator. A place of encounter, exchange and self-experience. Functionally the Center offers interested people from at home and abroad the possibility of meditative but also alternative stays in immediate environs of Cambodian life. Offering guests overnight stays, a meditation hall and a restaurant, it also provides a cultural station, idea workshop, tuition center, workplace and income source for municipial supplies to the villagers at the same time.


Short description of our prospective Meditation Center managress, Ban Sophorn:


“Our meditation center „Dil SE“ is a place of life - not necessarily a place of silence as it might be often misunderstood. One can see it as a experience field in which it is possible to playfully get to know methods in order to learn to observe oneself and to realize how many facets your inner being has. Liveliness and dynamics are the main tools  to gradually soften rigidity to finally experience one sensation: the inner stillness.


All religions have in common that everything comes to peace once one recognizes the problem and eventually it diminishes. To realize his very own being is not to correct a list of mistakes but to realize how unique and wonderful every single one of us is. When this humbleness happens a door suddenly opens up to never closing again and the heart starts to unfurl like a blossom.


Beginning to meet your true inner self is the hardest journey and yet at the same time is the most touching and delighting experience in life. Everyone of us deciding to walk this path concsciously meets so much joy and loving friends and, above all, makes himself the greatest present: the insight. And it happens somewhere along the way that the burden that has increased over the years diminishes without barely noticing it.


Lighter, easened and opened in the heart one walks on his path and still meets difficult situations in life that challenge hard at times. However, looking at it with insight every problem seems to get smaller and sometimes seems to fade away from alone.


Keeping your mind lively and yet still is an art that only one can develop by himself and practising this among a group of people in which everyone aims for the same direction one feels even more supported and strenghtened.


At our Meditation Center „DIL SE“ everyone is welcome who wants to get to know himself in a new way or just needs a timeout break. A comforting surrounding helps to let you give your inner being the possibility to remember what you already know but have just forgotten over the time: To look outside one’s semen, to grow and to be happy to be alive – from heart to heart.“    


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