A very warm hello to each of you,

Yes, it has taken a little while to finally get an update from us. "Us" - as it might be new for some of you - are Sophorn and Hannes. Since the beginning of this year things have developped quite fast and spontaneously and... tendencies unchanging ;-)

Under the name "DIL SE - from hearts to hearts" we are working on spot in Cambodia and try to put our skills in service of the local people here. To convey a better insight you are always welcome to have a closer look on our website. As it is still under construction please do overlook some mistakes - or even better, tell us please! ;-)

 In the categories "Current projects" and "DIL SE so far" you can find all our projects listed and described. Maybe it is advisable to get some drink .... the reading might take some time. ;-)

Our most actual project is our "SUNSHINE VILLAGE PROJECT" which is gradually taking shape. With the construction of a Meditation Center and its Income we want to sustain a financial support for a union of six villages called "Khum Rohas" in the Preah Vihear Province in the very near future in order to secure employment, education and medical supply. Thereby it shall be mentioned that we not only put a great emphasis on environment- and resources-friendly but also encourage the local population to follow this example as in Asia there is generally little awareness for environmental and resources issues.

The congregational has already provided a generous area at disposal and has also granted assistance. At the same time we also want to support the construction of a local school which without any relief would take a very long time to come to life.

To put these plans to into practise as soon as possible we need aside energetic help naturally also financial means. Therefore we are very thankful for any small donation we receive.

Do enjoy our Website and have a very warm thank you for all the numerous wishes and messages. We are very happy for all the positive acknowledgement so far. Please forgive us that one or the other answer takes some time, however it is only delayed, never forgotten. :-)

Warm greetings from Cambodia, have a wonderful Merry Christmas Celebration within your families and a Happy New Year 2008 for all of us,

Sophorn and Hannes