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Dil se“ derives from Sanskrit (ancient Indian) and is still in everyday use in the Hindi, the official language in India, and means „from the heart“ or „out of the heart“


Our work is not due to any organisation, authority or any other kind of aggregation. It is simply an necessity out of our innermost heart to give – from hearts to hearts. When you are so gifted and lovingly cared of in so many ways, it appears just natural to start giving and handing on what you have been given yourself.


In everything we do we try to follow a palinesian mantra that was especially given to us and for our activities. Confiding in its wisdom we try to stay attentive and always come back to it again and again:




"In service of all living beings take and give in balance in order to foster healthiness and bliss but also to experience yourself. When the mind stays cool and even in doing so, it resembles the qualtiy of clear water: It cleanses, clears and nurtures with its powers so that everything can prosper freely along."  (free translation)


In concrete we offer people in need assistance and support in order to reinforce self-help and creativity as helpful tools. All our actions are targeted on the long run and implies self-contained working and volition to act jointly. The raising of quality of life takes place through emphasis of awareness and utilization of his inner and outer resources. Under supervision over probably a longer period of time we want to guarantee our support as good as possible. That should not replace pre-existing know-how but only complement.


External differentiations as race, nationality, confession and any further alignments are respected of course, however, it won't have an aggrevating influence on our workings and procedures, since we are convinced that in the heart we are all the same: adorable individuals with a history that has shaped us.